Franchising & Reselling  services

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Franchising & Reselling  services

Unlock the true potential of your services with our comprehensive suite of support services designed specifically for franchised DISCOs.

  1. Metering, Billing, and Collection: Streamline your operations by effortlessly managing metering, billing, and collection processes.

  2. Total Management of Electricity Distribution Function in a ring – fenced area: Our advanced tools enable efficient management and optimization for seamless operations.

  3. Total Management of Distribution Feeders: Simplify the complex task of managing distribution feeders with our intuitive platform. Effortlessly handle billing and collection, ensuring a smooth flow of electricity to customers.

  4. Loss Reduction and Provision of Embedded Generation: Maximize efficiency by minimizing losses through our innovative loss reduction techniques. Additionally, leverage embedded generation to meet evolving energy demands effectively.

With our cutting-edge services, we can revolutionize your business while delivering exceptional value to your customers.

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