Owners Engineer Services

Owners Engineer Services
Power cap provides trusted and objective third-party owners engineering services. Our primary services are the project development stage includes, but is not limited to reviewing the work of third parties and taking active role in development, clarling and permitting.
As a result we can either take a supporting role to the owner’s project management team or take the lead role and ask the expertise for both on site and off site project execution with our team of professional engineer and consultants, clients can be certain about receiving well informed knowledged based business solutions.
The areas of Owner's Engineer services comprises:

Project implementation phase

Project Management Subcontractor Selection and Control Procurement Management and Coordination of Logistics Regulatory and Licensing Issues Client/Vendor Meeting Facilitation Quality Issues Cost of Change Analysis Vendor Audits Warranty Issue Negotiation

Project Scoping

Design Reviews & Modifications Engineering Feasibility Studies Cost/Benefit Analysis (Including RCM Review) Bid Evaluations Procurement Specifications Change of Ownership Licensing & Approvals (PPA's, etc.) Feed Stock Contracting (GPA's,etc.) Front End Engineering Design Work


Performance Reviews Procedure Evaluation/Implementation Inspections Reliability & Risk Management Failure Analysis Equivalent Operating Hours Training

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